Capital Retirement Studies

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Capital Retirement Studies RP Engineering conducts capital retirement studies to assist property owners in planning for future asset replacement. Hands-on construction experience, design capabilities and knowledge of present and projected costs provide the basis for the financial planning that will preserve your property’s condition and value.

Expert Testimony / Objector Representation

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Expert Testimony / Objector Representation RP Engineering regularly appears and testifies as qualified experts before: Superior Court Planning Commissions Zoning Boards Town Councils Building Boards of Appeal Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC)

Consulting for Municipalities

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Municipal Engineering Design and Consultation RP Engineering acts as consulting engineers for towns and cities in ad hoc and ongoing capacities. Record includes:​ Barrington: Wellhead Protection Program Charlestown: Consulting engineer for zoning board Exeter: Consulting engineer for town (active) Jamestown: Consulting engineer to planning commission; 5 years until position of town engineer established

Building Design and Construction

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Building Design and Construction RP Engineering supplies a wide range of services to architects and contractors. We can bring your project smoothly from conceptual design to groundbreaking. With extensive experience in federal permitting and state and local planning and zoning, RP Engineering will provide solutions for optimal siting and will complete local requirements for notification and acquiring permits, […]

Permitting (Local, State, Federal)

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Permitting (Local, State, Federal) Projects nearly always require securing at least one permit from any number of agencies. RP Engineering has years of experience on the other side of the regulatory desk and a thorough understanding of agencies’ expectations, resulting in an excellent record of successful applications. Registered in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, RP […]

Forensic Engineering (Diagnostics)

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Forensic Engineers (Diagnostics) You are considering a purchase, or has your property suffered damage and you need to know if it is serious enough to threaten your family or your investment? RP Engineering’s combination of hands-on building and engineering experience is uniquely qualified to advise you. Areas of concern may be: Construction defects Fire damage […]

Stormwater Management

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Stormwater Management and Drainage RP Engineering provides commercial drainage designs to manage runoff issues created by large impervious surfaces such as buildings, roads, and parking lots. We also provide solutions to the interior and exterior water problems of homes or small buildings that might be managed by simpler measures such as sump pumps, French drains, […]

Wastewater / Drinking Water

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Wastewater / Drinking Water Septic systems Conventional High technology Residential Commercial Small-scale collection systems (STEP) Residential denitrifying septic system Conducting soil evaluation for septic system design Denitrifying wastewater package treatment plant (2,000 gallons per day) Bottomless sand filter Vacuum test for water tightness Completed denitrifying ISDS Bottomless sand filter at Camp Kerr Anna Previous image […]


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Site & Civil Engineering Transforming undeveloped property or improving existing facilities requires the expert management of multiple factors to produce a result that maximizes property use and respects esthetics and the environment. RP Engineering is known for innovative solutions that stress the economy of resources, such as reuse of water, resulting in less waste and […]


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Environmental Engineers RP Engineering has nearly four-decades of experience in environmental science that informs solutions to a wide variety of problems and investigations preliminary to construction, transfer of property or to conform to regulations. Environmental site assessments (Phase I) Site investigation and remediation (Phase II, III) Groundwater Analysis Soil analysis Underground storage tank removal and […]